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Not the ideal Accounting System for businesses to use in making key decisions:

A fundamental to tax planning for businesses is timely and accurate bookkeeping, and financial reporting. Waiting until year end or just before filing tax returns to do these processes are reactive approaches to reporting business activity. This also causes missed deductions and tax credits. This approach causes anxiety for business owners as they do not know their tax fate until the numbers are compiled and most tax planning opportunities have already expired on December 31.

Bookkeeping and financial reporting when used properly provide valuable information to assist in making key day-to-day operational decisions such as if the business is paying too much for supplies; should the business repair or replace critical business assets; can the business afford to hire new staff; and many other key decisions. Without this financial data, leadership only has partial information to make critical decisions. The added benefit of timely and accurate financial data can aid leadership in making the most informed decisions.

We provide timely, accurate bookkeeping and financial reporting using the latest accounting platforms such as Quickbooks Online, Xero, and Zoho Books. This key information is provided to the owners and explained in a format best suited to their taste allowing them to have current reliable information at their disposal to assist in making important decisions about their business. This timely and accurate information also aids in better tax strategy recommendations.

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