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Between the blend of previous tax policy changes, sunsetting provisions, and proposed tax changes on the horizon, there are many opportunities to favorably position our clients for years ahead.

We put our clients at the forefront of this movement, saving thousands of dollars in taxes every single year. It's time to change your tax approach from reactive, data entry processing to forward-looking tax advisory services. We feel it is never too early to think about reducing client’s tax burdens.

The money you pay for a good advisor is an investment. The money you pay someone to prepare your taxes is an expense. All good investors want a good return on their investment.

We work with our clients so that from day one they know if they had to file their tax return for the current year today, they know what their tax bill would be. From there we research and recommend multiple tax strategies specific to the client's situation to lower their taxes. Then we monitor the taxes throughout the year as the financial statements are updated and reported. So, there is no shock when the actual tax return is filed, because the results have been proactively tracked all year long.

We identify different strategies that will save our clients real money in taxes. Some examples include:

  • Applying for New Tax Credits
  • Planning Asset Purchases
  • Business Planning
  • Determine optimal time to make S Corp election
  • Employing a Family Member
  • Performing a Nexus Study
  • Retirement Planning
  • Entity Structure Review

The deliverable, a professional tax plan report prepared by us that will include the following:

  • Strategy Letter
  • Prior year estimated savings
  • Current year estimated savings
  • Detailed listing of strategies with supporting documents
  • Estimated savings per strategy

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