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Tax Preparation Services vs Tax Planning Services

Many small business owners believe they are getting tax planning services when really, they are only receiving tax preparation services. At Perez Goree & Associates, LLC, our goal is to help clarify the differences between the tax planning and preparation and provide the support you need to manage your finances. As part of our package of tax planning services we offer bookkeeping, financial reporting, small business payroll, and business advisory.

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Tax Preparation

  • Usually consists of one meeting between tax preparer and client.
  • A historic perspective of client's personal and business economic situation. Current and proposed tax policies not factored into tax filing process.
  • The tax preparer only processes tax documents provided by client and offer little if any personalized strategies to reduce taxes.
  • Clients may only interact with tax preparer once a year when time to file tax returns which are after year-end when most tax strategies for prior tax year have expired.
  • The tax preparer does not in many cases offer tax advice.
  • A compliance service. Ensures tax forms are completed accurately.

Tax Planning

  • Consists of a series of strategic meetings between the tax advisor and client.
  • A current and forward-looking perspective of client's personal and business economic situation. Current and proposed tax policies factored into planning process.
  • The tax advisor suggests personalized strategies to client to reduce income taxes for current and future years.
  • The advisor initiates contact with client throughout year and recommends proactive tax strategies for client to consider.
  • The tax advisor can and in most cases does prepare tax returns.
  • An advisory service. Goes beyond completing tax forms accurately and considers multiple strategies to reduce or eliminate tax liability.

Bookkeeping and
Financial Reporting

We know that time is a valuable resource for every small business owner so we start by finding ways to make managing your finances quicker and easier.

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Proven Financial
Planning Services

We spend time developing a thorough understanding of your financial goals, so we can coordinate a personalized plan that allows you to feel confident and well-prepared for the years to come.

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William Land

Independent Planning Consultant

Perez Goree & Associates provides personalized attention to my business that allows me do what I do best which is service my clients! Perez's firm recommended a tax strategy to set up my new business which is saving my business lots of money in taxes. Perez’s firm also takes the time to explain my taxes in way that I don't need an accounting degree to understand. If you are looking for an accounting firm with integrity and attention to detail Perez Goree & Associates should be your choice.

Jason Orton

Independent Insurance Agent

Perez Goree & Associates is saving me thousands of dollars in taxes with their tax strategies. Perez is taking the time to educate me on taxes and has me at a point where I actually understand my taxes and feel more in control of my money. I highly recommend his firm to anyone.

Philneta Hines Tolbert


I would like to personally than Perez Goree for such a job well done as my accountant. As a practicing dentist and business owner, Perez has made the transition from employee to employer smoother for me than expected. He has the skill to present strategies and financial goals to me in ways that I understand.

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